Is transparency the right path to equal pay?

Is Transparency the Right Path to Equal Pay? ASU News. October…

Bad Company: How the BP Oil Spill Changed Social Activists’ Tactics

Bad Company: How the BP Oil Spill Changed Social Activists’…
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Special Issue of Strategy Science on Strategies for Market Creation and Transformation, co-edited with Violina Rindova.

In the modern economy, across industries, firms increasingly…
September 14, 2021/by Elizabeth Pontikes

Destigmatization and Its Imbalanced Effects in Labor Markets

Negro, G., M.L. Williams, E.G. Pontikes, and G. Lopiano (2021).…

Bad Company: Shifts in Social Activists’ Tactics and Resources After Industry Crises

McDonnell, M.H., K. Odziemkowska, and E.G. Pontikes (2021).  “Bad…
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Shaping Markets Through Temporal, Constructive, and Interactive Agency.

Pontikes, E.G. and V. Rindova (2020). “Shaping Markets Through…
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Book Released: Concepts and Categories: Foundations for Sociological and Cultural Analysis

In this book, we present a new model of concepts and categorization that can guide sociological and cultural analysis of a wide variety of social situations. View at Amazon.
July 1, 2019/by Academic Web Pages
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Presenting at Academy of Management Annual Meetings in Boston Aug 9 – 13

My work features in three sessions at the AoM annual meetings, on market categories, cultural entrepreneurship, and stigma. See you there. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Program
June 30, 2019/by Academic Web Pages

Radical Markets Video

Eric Posner and I discuss Radical Markets (by Glen Weyl and Eric…
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The Advantage of Entering a Not-So-Hot Market

MIT Sloan Management Review. April 2017.
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Little Chocolate’s Big Moment

Bloomberg. February 2017.
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Entrepreneurs Follow Your Own Market. The Opening Bell

Entrepreneurs Follow Your Own Market. The Opening Bell. October…
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